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Orange Mountain Bike Club is based in the Orange NSW, Australia.

We run MTB XC race events, build trails and lots more.

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Latest Club News

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New Club Kit available NOW!

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The Tineli web store is open and the new club kit is ready for purchase! Simply follow the link below, purchase the items you want, then all the items will be group delivered for free or you can pay extra to have it delivered to your house.

In order to have our clothing ready by the Orange inter club in October the complete order has to be placed by 23rd August, so that doesn't give us long before the store closes.
On the jersey, mtb pants and downhill jersey there's the option to add your custom race number and name/nickname, in the 'individual name' box just enter a number if you want, followed by the name.


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Club Kit Sale!

We've still got some Ginja Ninja CWORBC club kit available. This is all available at bargain price so jump in quick and let me know what bits you want to buy or try on. This could be your last chance to secure your piece of Orange Mountain Biking history!

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Kit Kit Kit!
We've got Nix.
We've got Bibs.
We've got baggies.
We've got Men's Jerseys
Get your CWORBC legacy classic antique vintage historical club kit NOW at our bargain SALE SALE SALE!
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There's pictures and a table attached with our stock levels.

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OMC Lake Canobolas MTB Park Official Opening

Sunday 6th 9am
Details here .

Please be very careful with traffic as there's a big triathlon race on at the lake and the road. If the MTB car park fills up then park at the lake, DO NOT park on the road verge.

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Club meeting, weekly races and more

Some news for ya'll:

Weekly Thursday evening club races start next week at the Lake Tracks! Details here

There's a club meeting this Friday (tomorrow) night at the Hotel Canobolas. Scant details here

Lake tracks working bee Saturday 17th to sort out the entrance area. Details here

Here's a few photos from the previous working bee

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EPA grant to clean up Kinross!

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Great news! The club has secured a significant grant from EPA to combat the illegal dumping at Kinross Forest.

We're partnering with Forestry and both Orange and Cabonne Councils to implement a preventative strategy so that we can target the motivations of dumpers, rather than just issuing more fines that haven’t worked so far (although cameras etc. might also be part of the solution). The hope is that this will be a sustainable way to stop the dumping in the future. I know we’re all really sick of the disgusting mess out there, and tired of cleaning up the Forest before events etc - it gives a terrible impression to tourists dropping in for MTB riding.

As part of the strategy we’ll be encouraging more recreational use of the forest by mountain bikers and other users, and hoping that more people - particularly families, will use the forest in a positive way and not just see it as a tip or dumping ground.

On that note we’ll also be using some of the money for better trail signage, clean-up equipment and possibly some landscaping/ ‘beautification’ around the carpark area – to discourage people using the area like it’s a dump. Ideas from club members around this are most welcome.

It would be great if you could also get in touch with me when you see any new dump sites out at Kinross, or if you have any information or insight into the dumping itself. Also, if you’re keen to get involved in the project please let me know – my contact details are below.


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