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Membership fee structure

All memberships need to be renewed annually.

If you already have a BMXA or CA license with over 3 months still on it bring a copy of your license and a full MTBA license will only cost $50 + club fees.

CWORBC fees: $15 Adult, $5 Junior, Family discount available just ask.

Type of Membership National Body Fees State Body Fees CWORBC Fees Total
BMXA Only Membership
Sprockets (under 8yrs)
$80 $20 $5 $105
BMXA Only Membership
Open License (8+yrs)
$85 $20 $5 $110
BMXA Only Licenses
Club Permit (8-18yrs)
$62 $20 $5 $87
MTBA Only Membership
Junior (under 19yrs)
$76 $5 $81
MTBA Only Membership
Children (under 13yrs) 'Dirtmasters'
$30 $5 $35
MTBA Only Membership
Senior (over 19yrs)
$110 $15 $125
MTBA Only Membership
Recreational (under 19yrs)
$45 $5 $50
MTBA Only Membership
Recreational (over 19yrs)
$45 $15 $60
MTBA & BMXA Membership
Junior Open
$65 MTB $50 value added $5 $120
MTBA & BMXA Membership
Senior Open
$91 BMX $50 value added $15 $156

Membership types

BMX – Sprockets and open licenses can race at any BMXA event, while a club license can only race at club days.
MTB – Open license can attend any MTBA event, while recreational (social) membership is for club non-race events only.

How to join

If you would like to join CWORBC please download this form and bring it along to a race meet.

Or preferably, for MTB membership, you can join online through the MTBA website. When you join via the MTBA website you pay the MTBA and CWORBC component of the fees, and MTBA will credit the club fee to our club. Joining online means you will get your membership card earlier.

Other MTBA membership options

Introduced in 2013 there are some different membership options that we think are great for new and old members. These are available through the online process and

3 Month Membership Option

This is good as an alternative for participants who currently, or want to, participate in a short-lived series of club activities rather than purchase serial day permits. Also, as a low-cost entry point to 'come and try' participants.

Cost: The MTBA fee at $55 for a senior member, $40 for a Junior member and $25 for a social member. PLUS the $15 club fee.

Limitations : It is not available to DirtMaster or Value-add classes of membership. This is only available to new members who have never before been a paid MTBA member. The 3-month member option is only available once.

3 Year Membership Option

This is available to Senior members only.

The MTBA fee is $300 for a senior member. PLUS 3x$15 = $45 club fee.

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