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We've come a long way baby

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By Chicken Legs - Posted on 21 November 2013

Old map I come across today, some of you may never have seen the humble beginnings.

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Love a bit of memorabilia Smiling

How accurate is the current Kinross map?

I can see there is no difficulty or track type info Sad

Edit: will fix a bit of that now Smiling

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Aha Pete, that's awesome. Thanks. Do you happen to know how old the map is? Or who drew it?

The inner loop of the goat track doesn't get ridden too much these days.

This is about the extent of the single track when I first started riding in the forest. Since about 2009 there's been heaps more added.

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Rob, The current map is pretty accurate, there's just a couple of tracks missing. I'll have to give updated GPS at some point.

This old map does have a key for single/double/gravel track.

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My first copy of the map was given too me at DG cycles in 2004, during that year I met a guy who was an ex uni student from the area who claimed he had built the goat track around 2002 looping off a couple of straight MOTO trails and was disappointed some of the inner loops/links weren't being used, he said we were going the wrong way and thats why we didn't see them as good trails. there was also a gully jump which was a pretty cool trail when we followed the loop he suggested. I would say the map was done in 2002/03 when Nathan was active.

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Hi guys. My name's James McCormack and I was googling around this evening about the state of MTB trails around Orange when I stumbled across this thread and figured I might be able to answer a few of your questions.

The map was mine; I drew it back in 2003 after I’d been living up in Orange for 6 months or so. I’d arrived back from overseas penniless, and was forced to hang out with my family and give up my evenings earning cash on the night shift at Electrolux. The days were mine, however, and I had my mtb; I was just short on places to ride it. There were a few trails near Canobolas back then, but Kinross was closer to town and seemed ripe terrain for XC stuff. There was already one short 500m DH track out here [it’s the DH section on the right of the map starting at 5.53km and was built by Steve Cole I believe], but I decided to spend my days building a bit of a loop. This ended up being The Goat Track, plus a few little bits here and there to link up the DH with a route back to the car park.

At the time there were only a half dozen riders in town, and even that’s possibly overestimating it, and my family would give me grief asking why I was spending my time building trails when there was no-one to ride them and when I’d soon be moving to Sydney. They laughed when I told them “community service” and that I had a hope that someday some kid would choose to study in Orange because of the riding there. About five years ago I met just such a student. Anyway, to try and encourage people to get out there, I left a whack of these maps with Darrell at DG’s. There’ve been a few little additions to the original map – there was no Loch Ness monster or magnetic anomalies on the original – but I’m glad to know it was put to good use. I’d completely forgotten about it. I actually haven’t ridden at Kinross for nearly a decade, but I’m stoked to see what has happened up there in the years since. And even more stoked to hear about the plans for the future including the stuff on Canob. I can’t wait to get back up there sometime soon.

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Awesome information James. Thanks for your post! And more importantly thanks for your trail digging Eye-wink

I meant to reply to this when I first saw it....

The old classic 'goat track' hasn't changed as much as some of the other older tracks out there. It's still fun. There are now a few more tracks in that block of forest now too (as you can see on the trail maps here (pdf at the bottom too)). The goat track still flows very well, and the 'big rock' climb is still a big talking point at the Ginja Ninja 250 and STM races we have had.

James, you'll have to come ride it before it's logged! The last estimate I heard was that's about 5 years away.

Steve Coles is still around and riding, we call that 'DH' track colesys track. There's a few other old school riders that you'd know and there's certainly a lot more than a half dozen mountain bikers in town now.

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