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GN250 - weather update

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By grantd - Posted on 15 February 2014

There seems to be some consternation from some Sydney folk regarding the weather for the GN250 tomorrow. Apparently the weather isn't so good down there today?

Orange had about 14mm last night at the official rain gauge (about 15km from town), I'm not sure if we got that much at the forest. Actually if we don't get much more it will probably still be a bit dusty on the track tomorrow.

It's fairly dry on the ground here right now. I noticed that the sun has emerged enough for my solar powered pond water fall to run Smiling

Come on out and have a ride! There's still time to enter this evening at the forest (or if you beg and get there early we may let you enter Sunday morning).

Tomorrow is predicted to be a nice 24 degrees.

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