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Back Yamma 2017

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By Al G - Posted on 11 February 2017

Sunday, 24 September, 2017 - 08:30

The meeting times are 'ready to ride'. If you need time to prepare equipment then please arrive a few minutes earlier.

5 hours
Come Rain or Shine: 
SMS/PM me before to confirm.
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Back Yamma State Forest
Meeting Point: 

Corner of Back Yamma Road and Parkes Eugowra Road, Eugowra NSW 2806. This is around 25km South of Parkes.

Show on Google maps: Meeting point. Login or register to get directions.

The Back Yamma 2017 Cross Country MTB Race (BY’17) is a multiple lap cross country mountain bike race to be run by the Orange MTB Club on 24th September 2017. Race length will be 25km for juniors and beginners, 50km and 100km for more dedicated athletes. The Back Yamma 2017 is a “not for profit” club based event with the emphasis on fun.
The race will be run on a 25km loop in the Back Yamma State Forest near Parkes, NSW. The loop will include all the best features of previous Back Yamma events. It will be fast and fun with not too much climbing. This is a great event to get out and stretch your legs and enjoy to nice flowing high speed single track. There are also section of 4wd track to make it easy to grab a drink, fuel up or overtake.
The 100km event is for the serious enthusiast. The 100km event comprises of 4 laps of the track. The 50km event will be 2 laps of the 25km loop. The 25km event should start immediately after the 50km event (30 second gap) and is intended for juniors and beginners.
Entry fees are $35 for 25k, $50 for 50k and $65 for 100k. Pairs 100k entry is $50 per person. If the event cannot be due to flooding like last year, or other reasons beyond the control of the club, refunds will be given with small fee withheld to cover costs incurred. (same as 2016)
Camping will be possible in the Back Yamma State Forest and portable toilets will be available for the Saturday night. A small donation from campers to cover costs would be much appreciated. Parkes Rotary Club will be providing hot showers and cooked meals for Saturday Night and Sunday at very reasonable rates.
Note that entries will be limited to 200.
On line entries to open here:

Safety at Back Yamma
There are a couple of safety issues you need to be aware of riding at Back Yamma.
Watch Out For Kangaroos! This is important. The nature of the thick undergrowth, long trains of riders and thin, fast track in some places means that a collision with a kangaroo is more likely than in other places you may have ridden. Often when you see one kangaroo there are others near. If you see a kangaroo slow down and take care. Also, warn other riders around you. In previous years there have been injuries resulting from collisions with kangaroos.
Watch Out For Tree Stumps! This is also important. Back Yamma forest is a working forest and logging operations have left behind many tree stumps throughout the forest that can be hazardous to us mountain bikers. Many of these stumps are right next to the track and can be well hidden by grass or dust. If you have to ride through grass for some reason slow right down. Take extra care when over taking, wait until you can see the ground. Don’t be too hasty in your overtaking, this is an endurance race and there’s plenty of places to over take.
How to get there
Parkes is approximately 5 hours drive from Sydney or 4 hours drive from Canberra.
The Back Yamma State Forest is located in Central West NSW, approximately 25km south of Parkes and 17km north east of Eugowra on the Parkes-Eugowra Road.
The event centre is located about 1km south along the eastern boundary road and will be well sign posted.

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Lach, Beggy, Al G, boofhead22, Caleb04
Lach Beggy Al G boofhead22 Caleb04
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